A long, long time ago (150 years this very year to be precise) in a place not too far from here, Lewis Carroll wrote a story about a girl called Alice. His inspiration was a young girl by the name of Alice Liddell. Little did he know that his story of Alice In Wonderland would go on to inspire people of every generation worldwide for 150 years and more.

The illustrations by John Tenniel are instantly recognisable, the beauty of them is the dark gothic almost sinister feel which is a complete contrast to what you would imagine for a visit to Wonderland.

My obsession with Alice In Wonderland has grown over the years. I wanted to create something beautiful that would captivate people in the way that the story and images captivated me. I started selling my Alice Tea Party China Collection a little over a year ago and it gets the very reaction that I had hoped for. I have seen women, men (young and old) and children gasp with excitement when they have discovered it, so I decided to bring it online and share it with everyone and anyone that loves all things Alice, just like me!


All of the products in The Alice Boutique have either been designed by myself or they have been designed and made just for me so it isnt available any where else. All of the designers were handpicked as I love all of the work that they do and I wanted to keep it all local to where I live, in the Heart of England. They were all given a brief to come up with something Alice Inspired. I think that they have all done an absolutely fabulous job. I hope you agree!

I will be adding items to The Alice Boutique over the next few months so if you would like to find out more please subscribe to my monthly news letter, there will also be special offers and some limited editions that are available only to subscribers. So sign up and follow me down the rabbit hole into an adventure with Alice.

See you there!